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The value of the Apennines

The Center for Environmental Education of the Casentinesi Forests is based in the village of Badia Prataglia within the municipality of Poppi (AR). Due to its particular position, it is tied to the mountain environment of the Apennines, to its natural features, its social reality and always influenced by the particular natural environment. The project proposes the development of the biodiversity theme with specific reference to the Apennine backbone and to the forest environments which characterise the mountain chain in the Casentinese area.

The CEA, before being identified as a particular building must first be considered as a real institution capable of operating in the area and in any place according to the opportunities and needs presented. The physical site, albeit significant, therefore becomes of secondary importance, whilst the identification of the CEA as an agency of education and information is essential as a reference point for the themes of Environmental and Naturalist Education.
The CEA of Badia Prataglia is a veritable functioning territorial laboratory capable of developing policies tied to environmental sustainability, through the use of the method of sharing and collaborating among the stakeholders.
Therefore, this project begins its development along the lines of this premise and moves towards an increased sharing of the policies tied to eco-sustainability in a marginal territory which is that of the Apennines. Consequently, all the proposals contained within the “value of the Apennines” will be structured and developed according to these principles.

General Considerations

Over the last ten years, the Apennines have been the weak link in the chain of economic and social development in the country, just as other mountain chains in Europe and America. Today however the Apennines have all the elements considered important, even essential, for an appropriate social and economic development of the country as a whole. Compared to the last ten years as a matter of fact, the demand for free and open spaces, vast horizons, forests, clean air and water has grown to such an extent that it has become a primary need. Whereas all these things in the post-war period (and even much later) were considered unnecessary and even despised as they were considered to be the antithesis of modernity.

Today the Apennines presents itself as a vast green lung, a reserve of air, water and huge recreational spaces, a great relief valve for crowded urban areas which are often lacking in humanity and structures. The Apennines have become a vital space for the human spirit. This leads the Apennine population to a growing awareness of its role, of the intrinsic value of the treasure which they have not always looked after wisely.

The CEA will therefore likely become the catalyst for all these tendencies and a tangible and widely acknowledged example of how the Apennines can be developed beginning with what already exists and which must be better exploited and recognised by more people. It is consequently the Apennines themselves which are the subject we are proposing, with their natural environment, their geological and paleontological features, architecture and peoples with their cultures, animals, horizons and silence.

On the basis of all these considerations, we believe, as we have already stated, that the CEA can have an educational and informative role of the greatest importance. Furthermore, the environmental and social context in which the CEA of Badia Prataglia will operate and the kind of activities which will be carried out determine a strong interaction between the Centre and the local population. Finally, the numerous events and initiatives promoted by local organisations and the council in Badia Prataglia, especially those strongly involving the local economy, is a clear example of how to use the Apennine mountain in a eco-compatible way.

For this reason we are proposing a project of Environmental Education aimed at encouraging and developing a greater awareness and improved quality in the management of the relationship between people and the environment, as well as promoting attitudes and behaviour which are compatible with the conservation and the development of the territory.

Our proposal regarding the Centre of Educational Environment.
The CEA is a permanent educational service about themes regarding environmental education. Its objective is to promote and produce studies, research, educational projects and information relevant to environmental themes. To this end the CEA is a reference point for organising activities aimed at specific end users such as students and teachers at various levels, educators and extra-scholastic operators, local bodies, associations and all other kinds of users.

The centre presents itself as a “didactic counter” able to supply initiatives and educational services to several social sectors, in the promotion of a new kind of economy for the inner areas, based on the integration of environmental, agricultural, social and cultural resources. Such resources, appropriately integrated and adequately utilised, can encourage a new model of development based on the correct and conscious use of the territory.
The existence of the National Park provides the stimulus to carry out a territorial project which seeks to combine social and economic development in the inner areas of the Tuscan region with the protection of endogenous resources: natural, cultural, agricultural, entrepreneurial, etc.

We have also considered presenting ourselves as a centre for the development of integrated economy, which has as its objective the sustainable development of the territory.
In addition to educational and didactic programmes, the centre is responsible for communication, information and environmental education training.

The Centre carries out the following activities:

Preparing projects for educational programmes;
Professional consultation on environmental education themes ;
Editorial projects;
Multimedia projects;
Organisation of conferences and conventions;
Arrangement of educational and informative exhibitions;
Information desk.

Development of an integrated economy
Consultation on social and environmental policies;
Consultation on areas of sustainable development;
Environmental recovery and renewal;

Development of tourist resources
Information centre for the development of social tourism;
The Route Library of Casentino;
Organisation of excursions, on foot, horseback, mountain bike and so on.


The project entitled “The value of the Apennines”
contains several initiatives all relevant to environmental education aimed at developing processes and educational paths focused on activating pathways of sustainable development in the territory.
The project contains a series of didactic operational modules and activities which include:

PEN –Programmes of Naturalist Education with a strong territorial connotation; the activities have a cultural and operational focus orientated towards Naturalist Education and spreading information.
PEA – Programmes of Active Education, long-term educational pathways, experimental in nature, the contents of which deal with the most significant environmental themes: water and air pollution, refuse, etc. ...
SUMMER CAMPS “FORESTAMICA” Educational summer camps aimed at raising awareness of nature and the Valley territory .
These cultural, recreational and sports events are linked to the development of policies serving sustainability.
The preparation of educational and informative publications
The promotion of Nature Trails
Raising awareness, the planning and promotion of policies of sustainability linked to the local processes of AGE 21
Consultation services for schools and teachers to plan environmental education pathways, active education and naturalist didactics. The planning of projects relevant to environmental themes for public and private bodies.
These are for teachers and those working in the field.
The secretary co-ordinates the projects, activities and contacts with clients and guarantees the opening of the CEA.

For information contact:
Centro Educazione Ambientale delle Foreste Casentinesi
Rifugio Escursionistico Casanova
Via Casanova 3, Loc. Badia Prataglia,
52010 Poppi (AR)

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Refuge Hotel Casanova - Casentino - Via Casanova 3 Loc. Badia Prataglia 52010 Poppi (AR) - Tel. +39.366.5849069 Tel. +39.335.1230615 Tel. +39.0575.559897 Fax +39.0575.559902